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This new luxury performance model has the undeniable Donzi DNA and style.  A boat that will rocket you to your favorite places in completely unrivaled form and speed.

For 52 years, Donzi boats have crossed generations and appeals to the boating enthusiast that respects the history and heritage.



For decades, boaters admiring the sleek profile of the 22 Classic have been left staring at its transom.


Take the helm of this pocket rocket for yourself, and you'll see why.  With its low-slung, sports car feel and plenty of horsepower at your fingertips, you'll immediately be tempted to put the throttles down and leave the gawkers behind.



From sea to shining sea, find the best-kept, most loved boats on your favorite body of water and it's bound to be a Donzi Classic 18. 

There's a reason why these boats have changed so little over the decades; because Donzi got it right the first time.  The 18 Classic is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and leave your passengers with memories to last a lifetime.



Arguably the most recognizable fiberglass sport boats ever created, Donzi's 16 Classic boasts a pedigree like none other.


From the rakish, low-slung looks to the "tuck & roll" upholstery, Donzi has kept all the details true to the original blueprint.  With classic lines and inimitable styling cues, one glance identifies her as a Donzi Sweet 16 Classic.  The vintage hull design and plenty of power deliver today's 16 Classic white-knuckle thrill.